Hi! I'm Frankie. I'm a startup engineering leader based in Las Vegas.

I'm a startup engineering leader focused on building maintainable, extensible software systems. Experienced in developing durable engineering strategy, building cohesive teams, and solving complex business problems. I'm currently on a short break before I start my new role.


Tech is for everyone. Tech is for women, LGBTQ+, people of color, people from all backgrounds and all walks of life. Tech was meant to be disruptive but it hasn't disrupted system oppression, equity and inclusion, or even corporate America. Impostor syndrome is environmental, not pathological. Tech is not a meritocracy; meritocracy is not the right goal. Engineering interviews should measure relevant skills like whether someone is coachable, not ability to regurgitate algorithms from memory. Soft skills are just as important as "technical" skills. Management is not the natural progression for an engineer; individual contributors are just as valuable and people deserve the opportunity to progress in their career without managing others. Software development is a people problem; sometimes the best solution isn't the most technical one. I believe that we can fix the industry, focus on psychological safety, and create a playing field where everyone wins.

Francesca Kerberos Nicoletti (FKN) is a software engineer, a leader, an educator, and a polymath. Most recently she was Head of Engineering at a seed stage grocery startup and prior to that was interim CTO at a big data startup. She has worked at several early-stage startups ranging from ecommerce to social media. She has been a career coach for over 6 years. She teaches career development and technical skills at bootcamps and events including Hack Reactor, Hackbright, MakerSquare, DeveloperWeek, Lesbians Who Tech, and DC Startup Week. When she's not in front of a computer you can find her in the gym.
Published Works
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