Hi! I'm Frankie, a professional problem-solver based in Washington, DC. Here's a few things I'm working on:
Actualizer Lab

COMING SOON. In 2020 I am launching a series of self-paced online courses. You can sign up Actualizer Lab's email list to get all the latest information.


I offer workshops on managing up, impostor syndrome, perfectionism, and employee retention. If you are interested please email me at contact at frankienicoletti dot com.


I offer career coaching in 60 minute blocks. I do offer discounts for blocks of coaching sessions. Topics include job search, interviewing, impostor syndrome, and dealing with underqualified management.


You can find my day-job accomplishments on LinkedIn.

Privacy Rx

I write a micro-blog on personal privacy on Medium.


I coach [solidcore] at the 69th studio on H Street. Follow me on Instagram for updates.

The tech industry may have disrupted some products and services but it has not disrupted systemic oppression or the cult of work. Impostor syndrome is environmental not pathological. Management is not a promotion from engineering. Engineering interviews should measure relevant skills not ability to regurgitate toy problems. My area of expertise is helping tech workers advocate for themselves and teaching management how to create the best experience possible for their engineers by rethinking the entire talent lifecycle from hiring, retention, advancement, and overall career growth.

Francesca Kerberos Nicoletti (FKN) is a software engineer, an educator, and a polymath. She has been a career coach for almost 5 years. She teaches career development and technical skills at bootcamps and events including Hack Reactor, Hackbright, MakerSquare, DeveloperWeek, Lesbians Who Tech, and DC Startup Week. She lives in DC with an expensive fitness habit and a growing collection of plants.

If you did not find what you were looking for above you may email me at contact at frankienicoletti dot com. Please include all relevant details. Thanks for stopping by!